Working Your Way through Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA

Parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California establish an agreement between parents about how they want their children to be raised.  They may include such provisions as when a parent will have the children, how holidays will be treated, what will be done in case of an emergency, how the child will be brought up religiously and how the parents will handle conflicts.  While developing parenting plans in Pleasant Hills California can be stressful, an experienced mediator can help the parties by recommending the following:

View Things from a Different Perspective

It may be easy to assume that an ex is being difficult or unreasonable.  A party may even think that the other is using the child as a pawn.  However, rather than assuming the worst, a qualified mediator will ask the person to clarify why he or she has a certain position.  This can help determine the basis for the request, which may have a perfectly rational explanation.

Adjust Expectations

Parties must understand that they will not get everything that they had originally hoped for.  If the case is litigated, they may wind up even worse off.  The parties can carefully consider what they are willing to negotiate on and be satisfied with in order to retain control over the process and to avoid the risk of litigating the case.

Keep Communicating

If the parties reach an impasse, a mediator can strive to help them talk through it.