Why Cooperation Of Both Parents When Coming up With a Plan for Child Custody in Pleasant Hill California Is Important

Child custody issues don’t always have to involve anger or one court appearance after another. Parents can work together when it comes to how child custody in Pleasant Hill, California will work to meet everybody’s wants and needs. When they work together, not only will any custody arrangements be able to evolve with the needs of the parents, but the children will grow up happier and well-adjusted because of the cooperation of both parents.

When parents work together on coming up with a custody plan, they are much more likely to come up with a plan that sticks. Much of this is because, instead of having a judge decide on custody issues, which may not make one or both parents happy, the parents both have the opportunity to be heard and, therefore, negotiate a plan that meets everyone’s needs. Cooperation also means that any plan for custody is much more complete and includes things outside normal weekly timeshare arrangements, such as holidays, birthdays or other special events in the children’s lives. While there may be instances where any custody issues must be brought before a judge, limiting court appearances can be an obtainable goal for many parents.

When parents plan custody cooperatively, there is a positive effect on the children’s lives as well. The child of parents who are cooperating with each other when it comes to custodial arrangements will thrive when there is structure along with some flexibility when it comes to visitation. Children will also be less stressed when it comes to their relationship with both parents when those parents aren’t always in court fighting over custody. The result is a family relationship that is healthy for everyone, parents and children alike.