Is Using a Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill California Right for Me?

While many parties start the divorce process with the hope that they can split in an amicable fashion, it does not take long for the parties to diverge and start battling over various aspects of the divorce.  A divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California can explain how the mediation process can re-calibrate the parties’ relationship and divorce.  Additionally, he or she can point out the numerous benefits that make mediation a viable option for many parties, as well as when the process may not be appropriate.

The mediation process can be much more civilized than litigation.  It involves both spouses meeting in the same room and potentially talking directly to each other to work out the issues that are involved in their divorce.  However, they are far from alone.  A neutral mediator facilitates their communication and redirects the parties when they start to fall into old habits and have difficulty explaining their point of view.

Mediators are trained in conflict resolution and can use a variety of tools to get the parties to open up and speak honestly about their hopes and interests so that the mediator can gently guide them toward resolution.

Mediators have also been through many different cases.  They can share ideas about how other couples were split on a certain topic and what helped them get through this impasse.  They can also write up a formal agreement so that the parties’ expectations and agreements are clearly spelled out.