Using Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA to Divide Property

One part of a divorce that can cause a great deal of conflict has to do with dividing up household valuables and other property. While some more expensive items, such as the family home, may be easier to come up with ownership solutions, other property, such as a boat, car or even appliances, can bog down negotiations between a divorcing couple. With divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California, both spouses can work out how to divide up the less valuable items that can be the subject of property division in a divorce. Divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California can help a couple figure out what items should go with which person, ultimately saving when it comes to legal fees and the amount of time a divorce takes.

No couple wants to spend hour after hour discussing who should have what item of property. With the family home, a decision to sell or for the custodial parent to retain ownership may be an obvious choice. However, with smaller items, it may not be worth paying your lawyer to negotiate who keeps which items. With divorce mediation, a couple can decide on the ownership of property based on a number of factors that seem best for them. It could end up that one party has more of a sentimental attachment to something, or some items may really belong to one spouse and not the other.

In the end, coming up with a plan for the division on the smaller items of community property is especially well suited to mediation. Rather than bring such property division before a judge, a couple can make the decision on their own, hopefully keeping something very time-consuming out of the court system.