Using a Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California for Grandparent Visitation

Grandparent visitation issues can be one of the more complex family law issues to deal with as there are very specific laws in California surrounding when a grandparent gets visitation. Grandparent visitation is also one of the many family law issues that can be handled quite well with the assistance of a family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California since it allows everyone to participate and be heard. With the help of a family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California, grandparents can be in a better position to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives, without the combative nature of the courts.

Grandparent visitation issues work well with mediation because it has the purpose of keeping the best interest of the grandchildren front and center while also giving grandparents and parents the forum to work together in a civil manner to come up with a solution. While going to court may allow a grandparent to get visitation rights, mediation allows for a more civil discussion of visitation, meaning that the relationship between grandparent and parent can be kept much more civil and less emotionally taxing. With a decision made between parent and grandparent in a civil manner in mediation, the best decision for the child will be made.

With a family law mediator, all parties can be sure that their voices are heard when it comes to visitation needs, limiting the chance of negative feelings towards other parties and increasing the chance that a visitation schedule is stuck to. All parties to mediation can be sure that they play a part in the final decision relating to grandparent visitation so that a child’s relationship with his or her grandparent is preserved.