Understanding the Foundation of Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

Child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California is sometimes used when the parties are in disagreement about the proper amount of child support but who do not want to litigate the matter.  Child support payments are grounded in state law.  However, the parties may be able to come up with their own agreement during the course of child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California.

Mediation is often an effective way to reality test participants in a legal proceeding.  The mediator can explain how the judge evaluates child support matters, what factors he or she considers and how local judges have ruled in recent cases.  A party who is asking for support that is far more than stated in the guidelines may get objective information about what is more likely to occur in court.  Likewise, a person who is not wanting to pay support at all and believes that not working will free him or her from this obligation can learn about how income can still be imputed to him or her.  It is very often a wake-up call for party participants.

The parties will reference the child support guidelines in order to be sure that they are fully advised of their legal rights and responsibilities.  Mediation can also help the parties reach agreements that go beyond the mandatory guidelines, such as providing for support for extra-curricular activities, expenses for a vehicle for an older child, post secondary education, etc.  During child support mediation, the parties may also be able to reach agreements about other aspects of the case, including how to divide certain assets or what type of parenting plan to put in place.  After mediation, the parties present the judge with their agreement who ensures that it is consistent with the law and then makes it an enforceable order.