Three Situations that Call for Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

Like other states, California uses child support guidelines in order to determine the appropriate amount of support that a child requires. However, some child support cases are more complicated. In other cases, parents may want to play a larger role in the negotiation of child support. In these types of cases, child support mediation in Pleasant Hill CA can help parents achieve their objectives. Three situations that call for child support mediation in Pleasant Hill CA include:

A Special Needs Child Is Involved

Children who have special needs often require more extensive treatment and resources than children without such needs. As such, a child having special needs is often a consideration to deviate from the traditional child support guidelines. Special considerations must go into determining appropriate medical treatments and mechanisms that can help provide for a child after he or she reaches the age of majority. Parents may mediate child support in order to create a special needs trust or other vehicle that will provide better for a child with special needs.

A Parent Wants Additional Information Included

In some cases, a parent does not want the standard child support order. The parent may not be concerned about the amount that he or she should pay in child support that is based on the guidelines. However, the parent may want additional provisions to be included. For example, he or she may want to specify that the child receive medical services only from in-network providers when possible. A parent may want to include information regarding education and how such costs will be allocated. Special language concerning the payment for childcare may also be included, potentially with a right of first refusal.

An Accounting Is Requested
A parent may agree to pay a higher amount of child support if the recipient agrees to keep an accounting of how the support is used. Special apps exist for this purpose.