The Importance of Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA Divorces

In any divorce where there are children involved, one of the first steps that the parents should make is to work with a mediator to come up with a parenting plan in Pleasant Hill CA. Through working together on coming up with a parenting plan in Pleasant Hill CA, the parents can set the groundwork for making sure that their children are well adjusted during the transition that is going on in the family and also for the rest of those children’s lives.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan deals with a number of issues that arise for parents when it comes to raising their children. A mediated parenting plan establishes a framework for addressing legal custody, physical custody, time sharing, both regular and holidays. It can also address disciplinary issues, health care and even which religion a child may be raised in.

Why You Should Have a Parenting Plan in Place from the Beginning

Parents who are in the process of getting a divorce need to plan from the beginning when it comes to how their children will be raised, especially since it is likely the first time both parents are not in the home. By coming up with a parenting plan, parents can focus on other aspects of their divorce with the least amount of distress on the children of that marriage. With a plan in place, the decisions about handling various aspects of raising the children have already been decided. That way there can be structure for the children and a better idea of how every member of the family can move forward after a divorce.