The Importance of Mediation for Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

Spousal support in Pleasant Hill California can be a very important tool in any divorce to help a spouse who makes less money have a fairer outcome in the divorce. Spousal support is not meant as a punishment for a spouse who is in a greater financial position, but rather it is meant to maintain, as closely as possible, the same standard of living for both parties as they had during the marriage. Spousal support in Pleasant Hill California can also be something that can be mediated successfully in many instances, meaning that the spouses can decide together how much spousal support works for them, and for how long.

Mediation to determine spousal support can be one of the best ways for a couple to settle part of their divorce outside the courtroom while also providing for a settlement where both spouses are more satisfied with the outcome. Many times, a decision by a judge is not a decision that works for either party since often the judge doesn’t have all the information as to what is important to each party in the case. When using a mediator, a couple is instead using a mediator to guide them towards a decision that works better for both spouses.

Mediation gives the couples the opportunity to enter into a settlement while also taking into account other issues in a divorce, such as who has custody of the children and who has the capacity to make a greater income than the other. It also can take into account things like one spouse wanting to complete his/her education to advance in the job market or other steps necessary for the non or lower earning spouse to become self-supporting.