The Benefits of Hiring a Pleasant Hill CA Divorce Mediator

If you and your spouse are considering ending your marriage, you may be wondering if you should hire a Pleasant Hill California divorce mediator to mediate your divorce. More and more California couples wishing to find a less stressful and more efficient way to get divorced have been choosing mediation as an alternative dispute resolution procedure rather than going the route of traditional divorce court. If you are seeking a less contentious and more cooperative approach to divorce, contact a Pleasant Hill California divorce mediator for assistance.

Divorce mediation is a voluntary and non-adversarial process where a neutral third-party facilitator (mediator) assists divorcing couples in their attempts to negotiate a mutually acceptable marital settlement agreement. In addition to finding resolution to all of the typical divorce matters, such as property distribution, alimony, child custody, visitation and support, divorce mediation also addresses issues that go beyond just the legal, such as comprehensive parenting plans that impact how the parties relate to one another post-divorce.

Divorce mediation tends to be less costly and faster than a litigated divorce case. The average divorce can cost each party between $10,000 and $100,000 and take over a year to settle. In comparison, the average divorce mediation costs approximately $3,000 per party and typically involves 20 hours of mediation sessions. However, one of the most remarkable aspects of mediation is how it can benefit couples with children by reducing conflict and promoting productive communication between divorcing parents.

An experienced divorce mediator guides divorcing couples away from unproductive arguments over their conflicting positions, instead focusing their attention of what is in the best interests of the children and the future of their family. With a trained mediator facilitating the discussions, communications can be refocused in a manner that sets the groundwork for a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement agreement that works for the entire family.