Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA Mediated Agreement Checklist

When dealing with issues concerning spousal support in Pleasant Hill California, the parties generally have two options: litigation or settlement.  A mediator can assist parties struggling with reaching an agreement regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California.  If the parties are able to reach an agreement with the mediator’s help, the mediator will draft a customized agreement which will likely specify the following information:

Amount and Rate of Payment

During the course of mediation, the mediator will attempt to uncover the needs of the parties.  The parties may eventually agree to the amount of support.  The mediator should also specify the timing of payments, such as on a certain day of the month or certain frequency.  The parties may also agree to an unconventional form of spousal support, such as receiving periodic lump-sum payments rather than or in addition to more frequent regular payments.

Other Assets

The mediator may provide suggestions on how to lighten the burden of support, such as using other assets in exchange for a lower support payment or providing the recipient spouse with another stream of income, such as rental income.  Any such arrangements should be clearly described in the settlement agreement.

Effective Date

The agreement should also specify when the amount of support became effective.  This is especially important to spouses going through divorce because a date of the petition date can help compensate the recipient spouse for the lack of support since separation.  However, the parties may agree to another effective date, such as shortly after the divorce is finalized.

Method of Support Payments

The parties may also wish to agree to an automatic payment method, such as receiving regular bank withdrawals or requesting the court to enter an Income Withholding Order so that payments are made directly by the spouse’s employer.