Shared Parenting Plans Benefit Children of Divorce

Divorce is hard on everyone involved, but is hardest of all on children.  No matter how carefully spouses proceed, children are almost always confused and hostile during a divorce, and the worst effects often don’t show up until much later, especially when the children in question are quite young.  When a family law mediator in Dublin California is brought in to help divorcing spouses craft a separation agreement, they will usually try very hard to get the parents to agree to a shared parenting plan, because this has been shown over and over to be the most benefit to children.

Two Parents

Studies conducted on children of divorce nationwide have shown repeatedly that when both parents are involved in the child’s life after divorce, the child adjusts better to their new situation, does better in school, and has fewer developmental problems.  An experienced family law mediator in Dublin California knows this, and knows that the studies have supported this in both traditional and same-sex marriages.

For example, a study conducted at the University of Colorado demonstrated that the most effective predictor of sexual activity by teenage girls was living in a single-parent household with minimal contact with the other parent.  Similarly, a study familiar to any family law mediator in Dublin California was conducted at Boston College showing that delinquent and criminal behavior by minors decreased sharply when they had more contact with non-custodial parents.

Obvious Conclusion

The obvious conclusion is that no matter what sort of acrimony might exist between the parents, crafting a shared parenting plan in a voluntary and dignified manner is not only less stressful, it’s much better for the children.  While overcoming personal conflicts may be difficult, it is absolutely worth the effort for the sake of the children.