Sample Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill California

One of the tremendous benefits of parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California is the ability to create customized solutions for the family.  Parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California can change over time based upon the particular circumstances of the family.  Parenting plans can also change as the child grows.  The beauty of mediation is that parents get to decide whatever timeshare arrangement works best for their children as opposed to a court who has no knowledge of the children or the parents’ needs.  Among the many ways that parents can decide to share time with their children, the following are merely examples of some plans that have worked:


Visits occur from 11:00 a.m.  to 5:00 p.m.  to include an afternoon nap.  Two weeknights that fit the parents’ schedules result in weeknight visits for three hours to include feeding and other routine activities like bathing.  Occasional overnights are permitted if the infant adapts well to them given a trial period that corresponds to the parents’ agreement.  Some time may be spent in the residential parent’s home and some time is spent at the other parent’s home or in public settings.


Toddlers can usually handle more extended stays, so overnight visits may occur for one night during a weekend every weekend or every other weekend.  Daytime visits may be more frequent, resulting in visits between two and four hours apiece.  Again, some of the time may be spent in the residential parent’s home so that the child feels more comfortable.

School-Age Children

School-age children are usually better equipped to handle longer stays.  They may stay at the non-residential parent’s home from Thursday until Sunday or from Friday until Sunday if more time would disrupt their school schedule.   Parents may alternate time on the weekends.  Some families split weeks during the school year and some alternate weeks if doing so still allows the child access to school.  Weeknight visits may happen one to three times a week.


Teenagers may be better suited with a more flexible arrangement.  They may alternate weeks with parents or weekends.  They may also need separate time to participate in extracurricular activities and socialize with friends.