Provisions to Include in Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill California

Recognizing the importance of having both parents actively involved in their children’s lives, California courts encourage parents to cooperate when making parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California.  These plans provide a roadmap of how the parents will parent their children even when apart.  Some provisions to consider putting in your parenting plan in Pleasant Hill California include:

Visitation Time

Visitation time should be clearly spelled out in order to avoid any confusion.  Specific dates and times should be included, in addition to statements regarding which party will be responsible for the expense of travel and where the meeting point will be.  Both parents should be conscientious about having the children ready in time when there is an exchange pending.  The child’s visitation time may need to change as the child’s development needs change and as he or she gets older.


Parents are often emotionally-invested in holidays.  Neither parent will likely want to lose holiday time with their children.  During mediation, parents can work out holiday plans that work for them.  Some parties may benefit from alternating holidays of their choosing.  In other cases, some parents may be fine to allow the parent to have the same holiday each year, provided that they get another holiday every year.  Some parties may want to include information related to extended family visits during the holidays, also.


The parenting plan should also address how decisions will be made regarding the children, such as which school to attend, what religion to bring the child up in and what extracurricular activities he or she will be able to enjoy.


There may come a time when the parenting plan may need to change.  The plan can establish parameters on how changes can be made, such as by the parties participating in mediation.