Property Division

Property division often seems secondary when compared to other issues that arise during a divorce, but it can actually be one of the most difficult to settle. In addition to the emotions involved in dividing property between divorcing spouses, there are also logistical reasons property must be divided in a certain manner. For instance, the spouse who receives primary custody of the children may be awarded the family home, not because he or she “deserves” it but because it is in the best interest of the children to continue living in the familiar environment.

When California divorcing spouses remain in control of these important decisions, it results in a smooth transition from marriage to divorce and makes the process easier on everyone involved. Mediation makes this possible and allows couples to divorce outside of a courtroom. It creates an environment in which healthy, respectful negotiations are permitted and allows property division decisions to ultimately be in the hands of those they most affect. It is possible to divide marital property efficiently, without a battle and without endless strife.

If you are in the midst of a divorce and you believe property division might be a problem, Barbara Suskind can help. She is an experienced mediator who understands how difficult divorce is for California families. She helps them settle disputes related to all of the important decision that must be made during a divorce, from property division to custody to child and spousal support. If you have question about property division or anything else related to your divorce, contact Barbara at 925-372-4830 or by email at

Mediate – Don’t Litigate
There are many advantages to using mediation for resolving disputes in family law matters. Particularly when it comes to divorce, there are many couples for whom traditional litigation simply doesn’t make sense. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK