Property Division With a Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill CA

Some of the most contentious battles in a divorce case have to do with the division of property that was acquired during the marriage. Spouses who work with a Pleasant Hill CA divorce mediator have a much better chance of saving on legal fees since they will be taking a lot of time-consuming property division arguments out of the courtroom. When a couple works together with a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill CA, they can hope to have not only a shorter and less expensive process, but also one that is more emotionally satisfying as well.

Property Division Can Be Emotionally Taxing

Some of the most emotionally damaging of all the arguments in divorce court can have to do with who will get the family home, cars or any number of household goods; even household pets. If a couple is especially litigious, there could be a huge number of billable hours in attorney time, both for settlement purposes or if the court must decide on each item. A ruling on property division by a judge may not be good for anyone, as it may not take into account emotional ties each spouse has to property. In the end, the expenditure of time, money and emotional resources spent on litigating property disputes is likely to be far more costly than mediating those disputes.

How Mediation Can Help

When working with a divorce mediator, both spouses will have a safe space to come up with a settlement, along with advocating for themselves, keeping property division out of the hands of judges and lawyers, instead leading to a solution that works for all involved. Instead of having a stranger decide who gets which property, the spouses can instead work together to negotiate a property division that works for both of them.