Property Division in Pleasant Hill CA What Counts as Community Property?

Figuring out what property is separate property and what property is community property is one of the most important parts of property division in Pleasant Hill California. While some property, such as a house bought together with both spouses income where both spouses are on the deed may be easy to figure out, there are others that are not. One example of this is when one spouse puts the other spouse on the deed of a house that was bought separately before the marriage. Property division in Pleasant Hill California is one area of divorce that can lead to the most contentious battles yet is one area where mediation also can work the best for both spouses.

In general, community property in California is all property acquired by both spouses during the course of the marriage. This can include earnings made separately by each spouse during the marriage including pension plans earned by one spouse during the marriage.

There are some types of property that would not be considered community property, however. One example of this would be if one spouse got an inheritance from a loved one in their name alone. Such property would not be considered as being community property at all unless it is co-mingled, or mixed with, community property. Other things, such as earnings from separate property could also be considered separate property unless co-mingled with community property.

When it comes to sorting out how to divide up community and separate property, getting the help of a mediator when it comes to property division is a good choice since a mediator can help a divorcing couple settle property division on their own without a judge.