What Should I Be Prepared to Submit at Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation in California can frequently be accomplished much more quickly than a litigated case, but you need to be prepared with proper document submission in advance in order to maximize your time and reduce the expenses.

When you come to the first meeting for your mediation, you’ll want to have a file with you that includes important documents for submission.  You’ll want a letter that outlines your position on the key issues, a settlement conference declaration or financial declaration, a spreadsheet of all property and liability owned by you and your spouse, a proposed parenting plan, any copies of a report regarding a parenting plan evaluation, any temporary orders in your case, and documents outlining a business valuation or real estate appraisal.  While not all of these documents may apply to you, taking a comprehensive look at your situation will help you determine what you need to have on hand when you enter mediation.

The more prepared you are by copying and organizing these documents in advance, the more confident you will be in speaking about them and sharing them with the other party.  This will also help the mediator direct the conversation towards the critical issues at hand and clarify any questions.  You might not need to use all of them at the initial mediation hearing, but in the event that the mediator helps you and your former spouse address critical issues quickly, you may be able to move forward without delay by having these documents on hand.

Hiring an experienced divorce mediator in California is critical for bringing your case to a resolution more quickly.  Someone who is experienced in family law is likely quite prepared to answer questions and guide settlement.