Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA for Infants

Parents of children of any age group can negotiate parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California for their children.  Making parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California for infants requires taking certain factors into consideration, all of which can be included in the parenting plan.

One factor that should be carefully considered is an infant’s need for frequent contact with both parents.  Infants have shorter memory spans and need consistency, so it is vital that both parents have frequent contact with the baby.  Additionally, this early stage provides a foundation for the child to bond with both parents.  A baby’s need for consistency also relies on having a predictable schedule for feeding, sleeping, bathing and playing.  If the baby is nursing, this information should be factored into the parenting plan.

Infancy is a time of great growth and development.  For this reason and others, it is important that parents have a way to communicate about such changes as changes in height, weight, mobility, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.  Parents may want to communicate on a daily or weekly basis about the needs of their child.  This helps them to establish a routine for their baby.  Changes in the baby’s developments may require flexibility or making alternations in the parenting plan.

Frequent contact may require daily exchanges or exchanges after two days at a time.  Rather than overnight visits, the non-custodial parent may have visits that last for several hours and span caring for the baby’s basic needs, including feeding, bathing and putting the baby to sleep.  Overnight visits may begin based on the parents’ assessments of the baby’s ability to handle them rather than on a predetermined date.  Parenting plans allow parents to thoughtfully consider the needs of their baby and start on a positive foundation in a co-parenting relationship.