Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA for the Upcoming Holidays

Many parenting plans focus on the day-to-day needs of the family when it comes to custody and visitation. However, fall is here, which means that holidays and school breaks are right around the corner. The holidays can result in more conflict in some families as parents try to assert themselves when it comes to which holidays the children should spend where. Rather than bringing these visitation concerns to court, using mediation to come up with a plan for the holidays is the best way to make sure that the upcoming season is stress free. With timely mediation, you can come up with a plan for the holidays well ahead of time so that everyone has a memorable season.

Holidays do not need to be stressful. Unfortunately, when it comes to two families wanting time with the kids, parents may feel pressure to provide the perfect holiday for the children. Sometimes this can lead to disputes between parents when it comes to which parent has the kids for which holidays. Everyone can have good memories this holiday season if a parenting plan is developed early enough in the year that there are no questions about how the holidays will work.

With parenting plans, any number of plans can be reached. Perhaps parents will decide that the kids will spend Thanksgiving with one parent and Christmas with the other. Possibly Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas with the next is the way to go. No matter what the arrangement is, working together with your child’s other parent could be the way to go so that you spend your holidays making memories, instead of conflicting over schedules.