Options Regarding Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

Mediation regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California gives parties the chance to sit down and reach a fair agreement together without handing over all of the decision-making power to a judge who is not familiar with their life circumstances.  Although conversations regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California have the potential to get quite contentious, such cases can be handled in a successful manner under the backdrop of mediation.

In spousal support cases, there are often two very competing issues: one party wants to lower the amount of spousal support and the duration and the other wants to increase the amount and duration.  The parties often disagree on what is fair.  However, by looking at objective criteria, the parties may be able to move their positions closer.

Spousal support is not as easy to compute as child support.  There are a number of factors that judges use to determine whether support should be ordered and in what amount.  However, there is not a strict formula like there is with child support calculations.  Due to this reason, mediation can help the parties work together to find a resolution that works for both of them and their unique situation.

One main consideration regarding spousal support is what the purpose behind it will be.  In some cases, spousal support may be paid in a way that is more of a reimbursement, such as a spouse receiving support for a certain amount of time to replace the sacrifices that he or she made with a career.  In other cases, it is paid for a certain duration so the spouse can finish higher education or develop vocational training.  In others, it is meant to be continuous and to supplement any other income that the spouse has.  Determining the purpose behind this support is often the preceding conversation before figuring out how much the support should be.

Spousal support may sometimes be paid in conjunction with an agreement regarding spousal property.  For example, spousal support may be paid instead of handing over equity in a home or a business interest.