Off the Guidelines: Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

While the child support guidelines were intended to create greater clarity, they have not reduced the animosity that exists between parents who are dealing with child support issues.  Additionally, child support guidelines may not always be appropriate in certain situations.  Child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California can provide a peaceful manner for parents to resolve issues related to child support.  Additionally, child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California can provide guidance when going against the guidelines.  A mediator can explain some of the reasons why parents may deviate from the guidelines, such as:

Large Expenses

Not every family situation is the same.  Some families may have exceptional expenses, such as very large child care expenses or medical needs.  A disabled child may require a greater than ordinary amount of financial assistance for care and treatment.  A child may be involved in an expensive extracurricular activity.  These are all possible reasons for when the parties may deviate from the traditional child support guidelines.

Individual Preferences

The parents may agree that they want to structure child support in a different way than the guidelines provide.  For example, both parents may be amenable to child support expenses being submitted and paid through a trust.  They may agree provisions related to a vehicle for a teenage child or post-secondary expenses be included in any agreement.

Change in Income

Sometimes parents may agree to use the child support guidelines but then may need to move away from them if the supporting parent has a change in income, such as a disability or unexpected job loss.  The parents may agree to forego collection efforts during temporary lapses so that the supporting parent can focus on reinstating income without the added pressure of a looming child support bill.