Moving Forward with Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA

Parents are encouraged by courts to use parenting plans in Pleasant Hill CA.  Parenting plans in Pleasant Hill CA help the parties lay out their expectations and create a clear plan regarding decisions to be made and allocation of the children’s time with each parent.  Some guidelines regarding these plans include:

Focus on Your Child(ren) 

While you may have certain interests that may be met with the parenting plan, be sure that your primary focus is on your child(ren) and how the plan will affect him, her or them.  Rather than looking at your convenience or comfort, consider how certain decisions can impact your child(ren).  Additionally, be sure that your child(ren) feel(s) supported during this process since it will be a big adjustment for him, her or them.

Create a Clear Plan 

Putting your plan in writing does not mean that you and the other parent have no trust in each other.  However, it can help avoid misunderstandings in the first place.  You may not be able to remember every small detail or the reasoning behind each one.  However, a written plan ensures that both parents have the same understanding.  Parents are encouraged to be flexible, using the parenting plan as a guide and “tie breaker” in the event of any disagreements about deviations from the plan.

Focus on the Future 

It can be easy during a divorce or immediately after a romantic relationship to focus on the bitterness of the end of the relationship.  However, it is best to focus on the task at hand and how your child(ren)’s relationships will be affected by the plan instead of harboring ill feelings.

Be Flexible 

Do not think that there is only one right way to do things.  Consider various alternatives concerning parenting time and holidays.  Also, if something goes off the rails with the parenting plan such as a parent being late or a child misbehaving after coming back from a visit, try to approach the problem with the other parent with compassion and empathy.