What to Look for in a Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill California

Parties who want to resolve their divorce in an amicable fashion and to avoid the negative consequences of time-consuming and expensive litigation often turn to a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California for assistance.  A divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California serves as a neutral third party whose goal is to get the parties to reach a fair resolution without the intervention of the California court system.  The mediator that you select can have a direct impact on the final settlement, so it is important to choose someone with the characteristics that lead to success.

Mediators have different backgrounds.  Many are current or former lawyers or judges.  Business people, social workers and teachers may also sometimes act as mediators.  When dealing with divorce, it is important to work with a divorce mediator who has experience in family law.  He or she should have a good understanding of community property laws, child custody factors and spousal support considerations.  Although he or she will not be deciding the case, this knowledge can help him or her provide you with an honest opinion on how the court could rule.

It is also important to find a mediator who can help you both communicate better.  Mediators have a unique approach to how they confront issues during the process.  Some mediators may begin the process by acknowledging the feelings that each person is bringing to the process so that they feel validated.  Others may emphasize the need to change the dynamics of the past to create a more solid future.  You can learn about the mediator’s approach by asking pointed questions during an interview or before mediation starts, such as by inquiring about how he or she handled similar issues in the past or how he or she facilitates communication with parties who have had difficulty in this area in the past.