Learn How to Effectively Communicate from a Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California

One of the most difficult tasks for couples after divorce is being able to communicate with each other in an amicable manner so that they can effectively co-parent.  A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California can provide tips to help parents communicate in a better manner so that they can be better co-parents.  Some methods that a family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California may recommend include:

Reframing Language 

After divorce, it is important to reframe the way parents see each other.  Rather than referring to each other as their “ex,” parents should refer to each other as “the parent of our child.” This new role is the one that matters now, not the former.  It is also important to remove legal terms, such as “visitation” and “court order” with friendlier terms, such as “time with the children” or “parenting plan.”

Be Professional 

Even if former spouses have bitterness between them, they can often resort back to their professional demeanor that they exhibit in other aspects of life, such as how they behave at work.  Spouses can be respectful and polite toward one another even if they are not necessarily friendly with each other.  They can treat each other like business partners.

Be Understanding 

While many things can be hammered out in a parenting plan, there will likely be surprises that still come up.  If such a situation occurs, it is important to try to be understanding and not expect the worst from the other parent.  If problems keep coming up, it may be time for another mediation session to make changes to the plan.

Keep Promises 

It is more important than ever to keep promises to the former spouse and to the children.  People need to be able to depend on each other, and trust is eroded when one parent breaks promises.