What to Include in Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA: Beyond the Basics

Written parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California provide clarity and clearly set out the expectations of both parents. With the proper guidance by an experienced mediator, parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California can address unique circumstances between the parents and may include provisions such as:

Neutral Drop-Off Locations
When parents have a history of high conflict in their relationship, minimizing the amount of contact can often be helpful. Parents may arrange to have the kids picked up and dropped off curbside, before or after school or at a family member’s house.

Age Evolution
The parenting plan may include anticipated changes as the child ages and his or her needs evolve. These provisions may provide for greater visitation and longer periods of residence with the noncustodial parent.

Child Care
Parents may include a provision that states that the other parent will have the first opportunity to care for the child when the need arises rather than using day care or a babysitter. They may also include provisions related to who will be the primary caregiver, who will be a backup care provider and how emergency situations will be handled.

Third-Party Visitation
The parenting plan may provide for provisions regarding other individuals, including stepparents, extended family members or others who have an established relationship with the children.

Parenting Decisions
If the parents agree to certain issues related to how their child will be raised, these decisions may be included in the parenting plan. This may include the child’s dietary restrictions, sleeping arrangements and how his or her belongings will be handled in each residence. Provisions may also include preferred discipline decisions, methods for the parents to communicate, curfews, media decisions, internet use, social media use and cell phone access.