How to Help Your Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill California Succeed

It may sound funny at first, but divorce isn’t a solo project – it requires two participants.  In a divorce mediation it’s even more complex, as a third party is introduced: Your Pleasant Hill California divorce mediator.  In order for the mediation to be successful in dealing with the many emotional, financial, and practical issues that a divorce inspires, all three people involved have to work together as a team to achieve their individual goals.  This can be a serious challenge when you are dealing with the range of negative emotions the end of any relationship causes.  In order to help your divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California succeed, here are a few simple suggestions.

Control Your Emotions

Divorce mediation requires patience and calm, two of the more difficult states of mind to achieve.  To give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your personal and other goals in the divorce, achieve a state of calm and the ability to work through issues despite irritations and frustrations.  If you bring anger and revenge into the mediation, it’s failed before it’s started.

Be Flexible

No matter who you choose as your divorce mediator, one thing is certain: There will be surprises.  You will have a plan in mind when you sit down for your first session, and a list of goals you want to achieve.  Success lies in being flexible in your thinking and able to roll with the frustrations so that you can continue to make progress even when things deviate from your ideal vision of the outcome.


The most important trait to bring into the room is objectivity: Look at yourself without emotion or prejudice and ask yourself if you are embracing these traits and working positively towards a conclusion.