How Child Custody Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA Can Help

Protracted child custody disputes may just be the most emotionally charged and stressful legal battles any parent could face. When divorcing parents are unable to reach an agreement related to their children, it is ultimately the kids who suffer the most from all of the family conflict. However, child custody mediation in Pleasant Hill California is a less contentious and more cooperative method for parents to come to an agreement about child custody, visitation and parenting plans. If you have children and are getting a divorce, child custody mediation in Pleasant Hill California can help you and your spouse negotiate an out-of-court agreement that is in the best interests of your children.

Child custody mediation involves a process where a trained child custody mediator assists parents in their efforts to cooperatively work together in developing a mutually acceptable plan for parenting their children after a divorce. By mediating their child custody issues, divorcing parents can bypass the adversarial court system, allowing the parties to avoid the heated legal conflicts that are so damaging to families, especially kids. When parents use child custody mediation to develop a parenting plan on their own without court involvement, their children do not have to endure the painful loyalty conflicts that are unfortunately so typical for children of litigated divorces.

Divorcing parents participating in child custody mediation are likely to reach a settlement 60% to 70% of the time, and research shows that mediation also reduces the chances that custody litigation will ensue. Additionally, parents who mediate their child custody disputes are usually much more satisfied with the results, since they negotiated the agreement themselves rather than a judge or jury having made a binding decision as to how they will spend time with their children. Considering the increased mutual decision-making and satisfaction levels, as well as the decreased conflict, child custody mediation is clearly a better alternative than a court custody battle.