Hidden Benefits of Using a Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill California

A divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California can explain that mediation is particularly helpful in the family law context given the importance of the issues and the desire of many couples to end their relationship on their own terms.  However, there are additional benefits using a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California that are often overlooked.

Mediation begins with the mediator asking the parties to identify the issues that they would like to resolve with the process of mediation.  This often involves sharing financial documents and other information.  The mediator does not take sides and is instead a neutral facilitator.  He or she also does not employ the tactics used in adversarial proceedings since mediation is a cooperative process.  This allows the mediator to reach a point of trust with both parties who can then work together toward an amicable solution.  The mediator does not provide legal advice to either party but does help guide the parties to make decisions that are in the best interests of all involved.  He or she can neutralize emotions and help the parties move past conflict in order to reach their own conclusions about how they should sever ties and possibly start a new co-parenting relationship.

Mediation is often much quicker than litigating issues.  Because time in court and discovery is reduced, mediation is often much less expensive than litigation.  At the end of mediation, the parties can draft a settlement agreement, which can then be turned into an approved judgment by the court.  Rather than receiving a standard court order, the parties can have an agreement that truly reflects their desires and is customized to their situation.  Additionally, since the parties are an integral part of making the agreement, they are more likely to comply with it and avoid post-judgment legal battles and fees.