Goals a Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California Helps Accomplish

A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California can help parties embroiled in a family conflict to work out solutions to this conflict.  Many times, a family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California can help the parties accomplish important goals such as:

More Time

While many courts provide standard visitation schedules, these schedules may not provide as much time with the non-custodial parent as is feasible.  Mediators understand that both parents have often played a pivotal role in their children’s life and may try to maximize time.  A mediator may be able to help the parent come up with a plan that ensure that both parents have frequent and ongoing time with the children.

Better Schedules

Likewise, standard court schedules often do not take into account the individual schedules of the parents or the child.  Mediation allows the parties to craft an agreement that works better for them.  For example, if one parent travels a lot, the parents can work on a more flexible plan that works for them and the children.  If a parent has been very active with an extracurricular activity with the child, this may continue as part of the mediation agreement.

Guidelines for Behavior

A mediator will emphasize the need for the parents to be respectful of each other.  He or she will set these parameters during the course of mediation.  However, he or she may also recommend guidelines for future interactions between the parents such as refraining from making negative comments about the other parent in front of the children.

Less Conflict

Mediation steps away from the adversarial process and allows the parties to resolve their issues with cooperation.  This allows them to retain a better relationship and avoid unnecessary drama and conflict when a friendlier approach is present.  Additionally, the parties have a framework to use in the future if similar problems are encountered in the future.