Getting a Fair Resolution with a Divorce Mediator in Pleasant Hill California

Many spouses are concerned with getting a “fair” settlement in their divorce.  They may choose to litigate the case because they believe that is the only way to achieve their goal of a fair resolution.  However, a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California may be more likely to bring about the result that the spouse will ultimately be satisfied with.  Some guidelines that a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California may point out include:

What You See As Fair and What the Court Sees As Fair May Not Be the Same

The concept of something being “fair” is different to each person.  A California judge has to divide assets based on the law regarding community property.  For many spouses, it may not seem fair that a stay-at-home spouse is entitled to half of the income that their spouse earned.  For others, the stay-at-home spouse may not feel that it is fair that he or she is suddenly without a source of income after supporting the other spouse’s career objectives and taking care of the household.   A professional mediator can talk about the process that the judge will go through in determining how to divide assets and debts so that the parties can compare this information to their objectives.  The parties, with the assistance of the mediator, are entitled to negotiate their own definition of “fair” for them in their unique circumstances.

What Is Fair May Change Over Time

At times, the concept of fair may need to shift over time.  Mediation provides an effective way to help negotiate new agreements when unexpected changes occur.