Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California: Brainstorming for Solutions  

A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California uses a variety of techniques to get the parties communicating and on the right track.  One effective strategy is brainstorming.  Brainstorming encourages both parties to fully participate in the process and helps instill confidence in the parties as they work together to solve a problem.  A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California may use the following strategies to increase the parties’ chance for success:

Start with an Easy Problem

Rather than trying to tackle a huge problem that has caused an impasse, a mediator may start off by trying to solve a simpler problem, possibly one where the parties have similar ideas.  This can vary by family, but it may include such topics as holiday time, ways to communicate about the children or the role of extended family members.  Larger issues can be tackled after the parties have developed a cooperative spirit toward mediation.

Establish Ground Rules

The mediator may set some ground rules for the brainstorming session.  For example, he or she may state that every idea must be written down.  No idea can be immediately rejected.  No criticism should result after someone throws out an idea.  Parties should be encouraged to come up with ideas that may be more traditional in nature.

Prioritize Ideas

After all of the potential solutions have been shared, the parties can then go through a careful analysis of the ideas.  They may group similar ideas together.  Additionally, they may start to sort through the ideas and determine the feasibility of them working.  The parties may even be able to take different elements from different ideas to patch together possible solutions.

Ensure Fairness

It is important for the parties to come up with ideas that are fair to both parties.  The agreement should not be slanted too heavily in one direction.  If both parties are satisfied with the agreement, they will be more likely to abide by it and not to require enforcement after the agreement is entered into.