Effective Strategies to Get Through Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

When a cooperative process is embraced through child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California, it is possible to achieve a more amicable and affordable end result than a combative court proceeding may entail.  Rather than assuming that a child support case involving conflict can only be resolved through contentious litigation, consider using child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California and implementing the following strategies:

Do Not Make Your Children Hostages

Child support matters should be decided separately from child custody matters.  Do not threaten to not allow the other parent to exercise reasonable visitation if he or she is not agreeable to paying more child support.  Decisions regarding children should be made by considering what is best for them.

Control Your Emotions

A professional mediator knows that family issues regarding children often bring about strong emotions.  He or she will help you work through difficult emotions such as anger, stress, disappointment or frustration so that you can make decisions based on a rational mindset.  After all, child support cases are financial cases at the core.


Whether you are able to communicate effectively with the other parent or not, it is vital to the success of your mediation that you communicate with the mediator at least.  By communicating concerns and interests, the mediator can get a better understanding about how to bridge the parties’ interests.  It is also important to speak up during mediation when inaccurate information is conveyed or when your interests are not being fairly considered.

Gather Documentation

Documentation during child support cases can be very important.  Employment records and tax returns can help provide an objective viewpoint regarding income and income expectations.  It can also help the other parent from overestimating income.  Likewise, documentation regarding childcare expenses, extracurricular expenses and medical expenses can help provide clarity regarding the true costs associated with raising a child.