Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a difficult transition for a family, but using mediation to end a marriage makes the process much easier on everyone. This is especially true when divorcing spouses are parents. Keeping a divorce outside of the courtroom and ensuring parents have control over the important decisions affecting their children’s lives makes the process easier.

If you are in the midst of a divorce, you are faced with numerous decisions. In addition to the initial decision to end your marriage, you must also divide your belongings, determine who is responsible for debts, and decide how your children will be raised. This process can feel overwhelming and it often triggers endless battles that require third-party intervention. When that intervention comes from the court system things can get ugly quickly. Spouses that divorce in court view one another as enemies and what could be a civilized, respectful process turns into an all-out battle.

Mediation changes the tone of a divorce and creates an environment in which divorcing spouses can work as a team. It is possible to divorce with dignity and respect. If you are considering divorce or California divorce proceedings have already begun, mediation can help make your family’s transition easier.

Barbara Suskind can help. Barbara ha been practicing family law since 1982 and has dedicated her practice to helping families throughout California. She is a certified Family Law Specialist who can help you settle your divorce with dignity. To learn more, contact Barbara at 925-372-4830 or by email at BSuskind@BSuskind.com.

Mediate – Don’t Litigate
There are many advantages to using mediation for resolving disputes in family law matters. Particularly when it comes to divorce, there are many couples for whom traditional litigation simply doesn’t make sense. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK