What Your Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill California Needs from You

Most people approach divorce from a position of ignorance, never having gone through the process before.  As a result they often approach their attorneys with a bit of trepidation, unsure what to expect.  In a nutshell, your divorce mediation Pleasant Hill California will need to ask you a lot of personal financial questions, and will need a lot of documentation connected to the answers you supply.

Basics of Divorce

There are several areas that your divorce mediation Pleasant Hill California will have to ask you about when you initiate a divorce proceeding:

  • Information about properties owned and financing associated with them, including copies of deeds, escrow documents, and mortgage statements
  • Information about cars or other vehicles owned and their financing and registration, including purchase documents and loan statements
  • Documentation concerning all stocks, investment accounts, and retirement accounts
  • Information about life insurance policies and how they are funded and payments being received from them
  • Information regarding the name, structure, and revenue of any businesses you own, including tax returns, profit and loss statements, and bank statements for business accounts
  • Information about other assets, including jewelry, possessions, intellectual property – anything that might be considered part of your net worth or that might be claimed as community property by your spouse.

It’s important to remember that your divorce mediation Pleasant Hill California is not on anyone’s “side”.  Hiding information or assets from the mediator or your spouse won’t do you any good, and can in most cases severely hurt your interests in the divorce.  It is always best to pursue an “open book” policy and bring as much documentation as you can, whether it’s all helpful or not.  Full disclosure is required by law in California.