Dividing Property through Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

Community property and financial disputes often involve both an economic and emotional aspect.   They present unique challenges that can more effectively be addressed through divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California with the parties working toward mutual goals than in litigation where the parties are treated as enemies.   Divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California seeks to balance the parties’ legal rights and obligations with the need to address the underlying issues in order to move on in an amicable fashion.

Addressing the emotional needs of the parties is one advantage that mediation has over litigation.   Litigation does not typically heal the wounds of the parties or promote understanding.   Often in contested and heated cases, a court order does not help address the underlying family conflict.   Additionally, litigation does not typically resolve a dispute, which is why there are often continuous hearings, motions and requests for ongoing orders and modifications.   In contrast, mediation can provide a safe environment for the parties to express their feelings, no matter how raw.

Emotions are a primary consideration when deciding how to split property.   Often, one party has a stronger sentimental value to a certain piece of property.   Courts do not typically concern themselves with this aspect of valuing property, but this may be a primary concern for spouses that can be better addressed through mediation.   A party may ultimately decide to forego his or her interest in a particular piece of property in order to secure an item that has a greater sentimental meaning for him or her.   At the same time, a mediator can discuss the applicable rules related to community property and how a court may decide the case so both parties are aware of this alternative and strive to make the agreement fair.