Dealing with an Unwanted Divorce with a Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California

Although in many cases which both parties to a relationship agree that they wish to separate or divorce, unfortunately there are many instances in which a family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California will find themselves dealing with one party to a relationship who does not want to separate or get divorced.  An unwanted divorce can pose specific complications for any family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California, as it often means that that party will not be as willing to participate in the process as the party who is actively pursuing the matter.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position that your partner wishes to divorce or separate, the first suggestion we can offer is to resist the urge to hang onto a relationship that no longer exists.  As difficult as it may be to accept, when one party has decided to end the relationship, there is in effect no relationship left.  By definition, a relationship involves more than one person, so if you find you are the only person left in your relationship there can be no point in trying to hold on to what used to be.

It is sometimes the case that one party will resist participating in family law mediation in the hopes that it will delay the separation or divorce.  This can sometimes have the opposite effect, as mediation is only effective when both parties agree to participate fully.  If one party will not participate in mediation the other party can turn the matter into a litigated divorce, essentially taking the power and control out of your hands and placing it firmly within the court system, which is not an ideal scenario for anyone.  The sooner that you accept that the relationship is over, the better the end result will be for you.