Dealing with Support Issues in Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California is deciding on support matters.  The parties may be at odds over support issues.  Divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California can address these issues and help resolve the case.

Focus on the Children

Rather than focusing on a specific dollar amount in child support cases, concentrate your efforts on determining what the children need.  Do they participate in extracurricular activities that have associated costs that should be included in a child support award? Do they have high medical expenses or daycare costs?

Consider Spousal Support

Spousal support issues can be contentious with one party feeling like his or her contributions are not being valued and the other feeling taken advantage of.  Mediation provides both parties with a safe place to talk about these issues so that they can move toward finding a resolution that works for both of them.

Pave the Way

Support issues are unique in that their awards can often be modified.  If there is a material change in either spouse’s income, child support or spousal support may be adjusted.  Rather than litigating future modifications, the spouses may wish to include language regarding when adjustments will be made in their support agreement.  Additionally, if they are unable to make an immediate decision in the future regarding these issues, they may agree to use mediation for any future concerns.