Considering Mediation for Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

Parties who confront a legal issue regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California often start the process from very opposing views.  One spouse may expect enough spousal support to support the entire household after a divorce while the other spouse may not want any spousal support ordered.  An effective way of getting the parties closer to agree on issues related to spousal support in Pleasant Hill California is mediation.

During mediation, the mediator establishes ground rules regarding the process, such as not interrupting each other, acting in a professional manner and avoiding pushing each other’s buttons.  He or she also explains the role of a mediator as a third party facilitator who helps identify the parties’ interests and move toward a resolution of their legal issues.  The mediator may start at the end of a person’s list of worries just to get the ball rolling and to form a foundation for later topics that may be more difficult.

A mediator encourages the parties to express themselves and what is important to them in a healthy and safe manner.  This may occur in private caucuses or in joint sessions.  During these sessions, the parties may reveal important information about their needs, such as a plan for a spouse to return to college, concerns about being able to provide for the couple’s children and concerns regarding trustworthy childcare if a spouse returns to work.  The mediator can often funnel information back and forth between the parties in a more sensitive and gentler fashion so that the parties can understand the other side.

A mediator helps the parties brainstorm different options and encourages the parties to be open to compromise.  By listening and understanding the other part of the equation, the parties may be able to move closer to an agreement regarding spousal support and other issues in their divorce.