Considerations in Drafting an Agreement for Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

When parties go through litigation in order to determine spousal support matters, they are bound by state law. However, if they voluntarily enter into an agreement for spousal support in Pleasant Hill CA, they are free to come up with their own agreement. When mediating spousal support in Pleasant Hill CA, some important considerations include:

Timing of Payments

When spouses are able to reach their own agreement regarding spousal support, they may come up with provisions that are more suitable to their particular situation. For example, a lump-sum payment may be made in lieu of continuous monthly payments. Another option is for payments to remain in effect for a specified period of time.

Life Insurance

Parties may want to include a provision that requires the paying spouse to maintain life insurance and keep his or her ex as the beneficiary to cover the unpaid portion of spousal support. This protects the recipient in case the paying spouse dies while the recipient is still dependent on this income.

Use of Property

In some cases, a party may not be as dependent on spousal support if he or she receives property in lieu of or as a supplement to lower spousal support payments. For example, a spouse who is going back to college may benefit more from being able to live rent-free than by receiving a certain monetary payment. Being able to receive rental income from a marital residence may also help decrease the amount of spousal support needed.

Automation of Payments

Parties may agree to have the payments withheld and directly forwarded to the recipient spouse to decrease time to process payments.


Provisions may also state when the amount of support should be modified. For example, an involuntary loss of a job or a disability may be a valid basis to lower spousal support payments.