The Conscious Uncoupling and Divorce Mediation

Most people are familiar with mediation when it comes to divorce, and if you’ve hit a point in your marriage where you’re considering engaging a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California you already know the benefits of mediation in a divorce case: More control, less expense, more privacy, less stress.

However, waiting until a divorce is your only solution before engaging a mediator isn’t the only way to do things, or even the best way.  If you’re contemplating or actively planning a separation, but are unsure whether it will lead to divorce or to a rapprochement, a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California can help you, too.

Separation and Mediation

In fact, a separation that’s open-ended in the sense that neither party is yet certain that divorce is their only possible way forward, can benefit in many ways from a professional mediator:

  • She can assist in crafting the separation agreement that sets out the “rules” for the separation period.  Since separation agreements are often the foundation for divorce decrees, this can be very useful now and later, if the relationship doesn’t heal.
  • She can assist with resolving disputes as they come up in order to make the separation as peaceful and simple as possible.  This allows the couple to concentrate on the real issues instead of watching tempers rise and things escalate over minor matters.

What Mediation is Not

While a divorce mediator in Pleasant Hill California can be very helpful in a separation, it’s important to remember that a mediator is not a relationship counselor.  While a mediator can help make the separation process and experience more successful and peaceable, which may in turn help couples work through their issues, the mediator is not there to be a counselor or to assist with emotional issues.