Compelling Reasons for Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

During child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California, the parties work toward reaching a resolution to their legal issue without asking the court to make that decision for them.  The process of child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California provides a number of key benefits to participants, including:

Ability to Communicate about Family Needs

When a child support matter is litigated before the court, the emphasis and focus is only on the amount of money.  The parent paying the support almost always feels like he or she is being taken advantage of.  The recipient parent almost always feels that the ordered amount of support is insufficient.  In mediation, the parties can focus on the child’s needs to determine an appropriate amount of support.  A trained mediator can help the parties reach decisions about how to best meet the child’s needs while also taking into consideration the financial needs of both parents.

Customized Results

The court is required to consider California’s child support guidelines when determining an appropriate amount of support to award.  While parents must know what guideline support would be, in mediation they are free to consider other factors to determine an adequate amount of support, including child care arrangements, educational expenses and extracurricular expenses.  They may also agree to provisions that court-ordered support may not provide, such as provisions regarding payments for college tuition or vacation payments.  The parents may also agree on other provisions that protect them and the child, such as a requirement to have life insurance and disability insurance on the paying spouse.

Enforceable Order

During child support mediation, the parties’ goal to have an enforceable order can be realized.  The parties can submit the agreement to the court and if the court approves it, it can become part of an official court order that provides additional enforcement mechanisms.