Choosing the Gentler Alternative to Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

When a couple reaches the conclusion that a divorce is inevitable, they may worry that they are about to embark on a nasty, bitter, adversarial battle in which they take opposing sides in a courtroom.  However, there are alternatives to such nasty divorce proceedings, including divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California.  The process of divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California avoids these negative aspects of a litigated divorce.

Mediation should not be confused with marital counseling.  In mediation, there is no illusion that the couple will stay together.  Instead, the process focuses on the parties being able to retain the power to make decisions about their split and the terms of their own divorce rather than handing this power over to a judge.  This allows them to retain control over decisions that will intimately affect them, their children and their futures.

Mediation is a guided negotiation process that takes into consideration the needs of the entire family.  Rather than a contentious process, mediation is premised on collaboration.  The couple works together to solve problems and work out solutions that are customized to their own needs.  The process is less formal than a courtroom and the parties are able to communicate better with the assistance of a professional mediator.

Mediation is not a simple process.  The parties must often take hours to work through the many issues involved in a divorce and may give more consideration to these issues since they are in a safe and informed position.  They may discuss property division, tax implications of different arrangements, potential parenting plans and other issues.  They may propose different possible provisions to include in their divorce agreement until they agree on all of the terms.  This process provides much greater flexibility and customization than litigation can provide.