Choosing Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

While there are specific guidelines in place for how much child support should be paid, there may be times where, because of a child’s special needs, parents need to work together in child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California to come up with a child support plan that accounts for such special needs. With child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California, both parents can work together to come up with a better outcome for the child.

With a special needs child, there can be costs for physical therapy, speech therapy, special medical equipment or even nursing care. These costs can amount to far more than regular child support may provide, meaning that the parents must work together to come up with a solution that will provide for all the child’s needs in a way that is fair to both parents.

Through using child support mediation, parents of a special needs child will have a platform to make sure that their voices are heard when it comes to what must be paid in order to properly pay for their child’s needs. When the parents cooperate on coming up with a plan for caring for their child, such as providing health insurance, special activities for the child, dividing up medical costs, payments allowing one parent to remain at home with the child or even paying for respite care, they can make sure that one parent is not put in a worse financial position and the child is also well cared for. Mediation can take these decisions out of the hands of a judge, who is a stranger to the case, and let it be decided by those who knows their child’s needs the best.