Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA Is a Must-Have in a Parenting Plan

When parents end their romantic relationship, that does not end their duty to their children. With child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California, both parents can work together towards a plan for just how much child support is necessary to meet the needs of the child. In fact, having child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California, is an essential part of a total parenting plan that every parent should enter into to be sure that the needs of the children shared by the parents are met.

With child support mediation, the parents can work together to come up with outside-the-box agreements when it comes to what types of child support will be paid. An example of this may be payments for things beyond the regular monthly child support. This can include private schooling and day care or extra-curricular activities, such as sports and dance. When the parents sit down together, they are better able to decide together which expenses are important to each of them, rather than have a judge, who is a stranger to the case, decide for them.

Mediation can ultimately be the best choice for some parents because it will help them come to a mutually agreeable solution to issues of child support, along with other parenting issues such as custody, visitation and who see the children on which holidays. When parents work on these issues together in mediation, they are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome of their negotiations. When parents are happier with how they decide parenting issues should be handled, they have a better chance of working together when issues arise along with being more likely to cooperate through the time they are raising their children.