Dividing Property through Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

Community property and financial disputes often involve both an economic and emotional aspect.   They present unique challenges that can more effectively be addressed through divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California with the parties working toward mutual goals than in litigation where the parties are treated as enemies.   Divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill California seeks to balance the parties’ legal rights and obligations with the need to address the underlying issues in order to move on in an amicable fashion. Addressing the emotional needs of the parties is one advantage that mediation has over litigation.   Litigation does not typically heal the...Read More

What to Include in Parenting Plans in Pleasant Hill CA: Beyond the Basics

Written parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California provide clarity and clearly set out the expectations of both parents. With the proper guidance by an experienced mediator, parenting plans in Pleasant Hill California can address unique circumstances between the parents and may include provisions such as: Neutral Drop-Off Locations When parents have a history of high conflict in their relationship, minimizing the amount of contact can often be helpful. Parents may arrange to have the kids picked up and dropped off curbside, before or after school or at a family member’s house. Age Evolution The parenting plan may include anticipated changes...Read More

Options Regarding Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

Mediation regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California gives parties the chance to sit down and reach a fair agreement together without handing over all of the decision-making power to a judge who is not familiar with their life circumstances.  Although conversations regarding spousal support in Pleasant Hill California have the potential to get quite contentious, such cases can be handled in a successful manner under the backdrop of mediation. In spousal support cases, there are often two very competing issues: one party wants to lower the amount of spousal support and the duration and the other wants to increase...Read More

Understanding the Foundation of Child Support Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

Child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California is sometimes used when the parties are in disagreement about the proper amount of child support but who do not want to litigate the matter.  Child support payments are grounded in state law.  However, the parties may be able to come up with their own agreement during the course of child support mediation in Pleasant Hill California. Mediation is often an effective way to reality test participants in a legal proceeding.  The mediator can explain how the judge evaluates child support matters, what factors he or she considers and how local judges have...Read More

Family Law Mediator in Pleasant Hill California: Brainstorming for Solutions  

A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California uses a variety of techniques to get the parties communicating and on the right track.  One effective strategy is brainstorming.  Brainstorming encourages both parties to fully participate in the process and helps instill confidence in the parties as they work together to solve a problem.  A family law mediator in Pleasant Hill California may use the following strategies to increase the parties’ chance for success: Start with an Easy Problem Rather than trying to tackle a huge problem that has caused an impasse, a mediator may start off by trying to solve...Read More
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