Benefits of Using Mediation in Cases Involving Spousal Support in Pleasant Hill CA

Some of the most contentious family law issues involve spousal support in Pleasant Hill California.  The parties often have very different ideas about whether support should be paid and in what amount.  Mediation can help the parties resolve disputes related to spousal support in Pleasant Hill California while offering myriad benefits, such as:

Offering a More Peaceful Alternative

Litigation is adversarial in nature.  The parties become enemies in the legal sense even if they had a decent relationship before.  In litigation, there is a winner and a loser.  In mediation, the parties have the opportunity to resolve their legal dispute in a more peaceful manner so that they both feel like they won after mediation is over.  A mediator is a trained neutral third person who assists the spouses in negotiating an agreement that is acceptable to both of them.  The mediator cannot impose a ruling on the parties like a judge can.  The parties are ultimately responsible for making the decision.

Enhanced Communication Skills

A mediator concentrates on making the parties feel safe so that they will freely communicate about their interests.  By uncovering the parties’ motivations, concerns and desires, the mediator can try to find a middle ground between the parties.  At the same time, the mediator concentrates on improving communications between the parties and their understanding of the other’s side.  The more that they can understand where the other is coming from, the more likely they will be to be able to talk in a constructive manner about the issues that are currently in dispute.


Because the parties are an integral part of the agreement, they are more likely to adhere to it and less likely to bring their troubles back to court.  If a change must be made, the parties are more likely to turn to mediation since it brought about such positive benefits the first time.