Basics of a Divorce Mediation in Pleasant Hill CA

For parties who want to avoid the negative feelings surrounding divorce and the public nature of a court battle, divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill CA can be a better alternative.  Divorce mediation in Pleasant Hill CA is not an adversarial process like litigation; it is a confidential negotiation.A successful mediation depends on the parties working together while also depending on the knowledge and experience of the professional mediator.  Some ways that parties are more likely to be successful is to keep the following in mind:

Act Like You Are in a Business Relationship

When parties have been involved in an intimate relationship with someone, it may be easy to slide into comfortable routines, such as arguing, feeling bitter emotions or making threats.  However, these attitudes and behaviors are not conducive to a cooperative process.  Rather than falling into this trap, the parties should attempt to look at the situation as a business transaction involving two professionals.

Act in Good Faith

In most situations, if both parties come to the table ready to negotiate in good faith, they are often able to come up with a solution that works for both of them.  However, if someone just goes along with mediation because it was recommended by a court or just wants to delay the process or learn about the other side’s case, mediation is not likely to be successful.

Start with What You Agree On

To build momentum during mediation, it is important to start with an easier topic that is easier to reach an agreement on than on a core issue that the parties are currently contesting.  The parties should try to work through each issue, block by block.  They may still leave mediation without an agreement on all issues.  However, narrowing the issues can still provide significant benefits to the parties, including cost and time savings.